Welcome to MNSpace. This website is primarily a personal website developed by Nishant & Malika (...hence known as MNSpace). Here you would find information on us, pictures, blog (strictly our views) and some info on my favorite operating system...Linux.

This site is entirely designed with help of open source software/tools and runs on a P4 1.8GHz processor with 768K RAM on Slackware GNU/Linux operating system.


As you might have noticed, the website has changed completely since last time you visited. I've just finished a major overhaul with change in underlying html and css. The site is now completely web standards compliant which means you would find uniform rendering with any browser. I've tested this website with Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla, Epiphany, Galeon), Internet Explorer, Opera and Konqueror. Enjoy!!!
--- Posted Nov 3, 2005 7:16 PM

Recently built my first computer. I wanted to built a machine myself with the some excellent hardware albeit at affordable prices. It is a very powerful machine with AMD Dual-core processor. If you are curious, may be you would want to see specs and pictures of my built.
--- Posted Aug 30, 2005 8.45 PM